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Custom solutions

Through 2 decades, we have developed a wide range of solutions for our customers from many different branches. Common for them is that they have all had a wish for intelligent system, which support their business, their work processes and workflows. And that is exactly what is our strength. Software solutions and systems that are created for people, not machines.


Our primary platform is FileMaker, as it provide us with a very strong and flexible tool and platform. FileMaker can integrate with almost any type of systems and devices. We have integrated systems with barcode scanners, weighing scales, RFID, customer cards, web services, web shop systems, POS, SMS services, Google Maps, mobile devices and as backend for websites.


Global leaders

We are among the leading FileMaker experts in the world and with us, you get a very competent partner, who always puts your business first. We are put much energy into understanding your business, workflows and needs – and we spice it up with a very deep insight into choosing the right tools and methods.

Globalt førende

Vi er blandt de førende FileMaker eksperter i verden og med os får du en kompetent samarbejdspartner, der altid tænker på jeres forretning først. Vi sætter os grundigt ind i jeres forretning, i jeres arbejdsgange og behov – og vi krydrer det hele med en meget dyb indsigt i at vælge de rigtige redskaber og metoder.

Mobile devices

Many believe that the pc is singing it’s last strofes. And in some cases, this is true. At least for some tasks and needs. At DataManix we have seen the light. Our portfolio of mobile solutions is actually something we are very proud of. Common to them all is that they work as the right tool in the right situation and supports your business. Otherwise it does not make any sense.

Work in a browser

Many prefer to work with an application on their computer. Others prefer to work in a browser. There are benefits on both platforms and that is actually something we know something about. Because of that, we are able to give you advise about which solution is the best in your case. A weighting in between high user functionality and ease of administration / maintenance system wise.


With FileMaker, there is many ways to Rome. The brain is of course the server. But equally important is the access to data. For some that will be through FileMaker Pro installed on their computer. For some it will be via a webbrowser e.g. on a computer or tablet. And for mobile employees it would be via FileMaker GO for iPad and iPhone.

The strength with the server

It is really very simple. Are you totally excited about emailing spreadsheets and receiving them ? Or do you, like we, think that centralised and easy accessible data is the way forward ? The FileMaker server is an incredible strong tool which will make everything much better and efficient. Some would call it optimising and a natural thing these days. We agree.

Deep integration

But what about all the systems you already use ? Do everything needs to be replaced ? No. Not at all. FileMaker is probably the strongest platform for deep integration with other solutions. Get data. Bring data. Get all the advantages of updated data in context. Some is relevant for the CEO in one context. Something else is relevant for the product manager and something third is relevant for the account manager. That is something you can trust us with.


It has become such a buzz word. Cloud essentially means that data is not stored on a server in the basement, but just as accessible as if they did. In other words, data is stored outside the office. With a FileMaker solution from DataManix you are able to chose from the entire palette. Internally, externally, cloud or something else. We will make sure that it is reliable and professional no matter what. Naturally !

Development process with DataManix

Development process can be different in development companies and from system to system. We work with agile development methods, which also means that we have a very close dialogue during the development phase. It also means that you as a customer, get access to the development system very early in the process so that you can test parts of the system and provide feedback continuously. It is our experience that even the most skilled and experienced project managers may find it difficult to have a complete overview of the smallest details in advance. So that we do not waste time developing elements that must be adjusted subsequently, we try to catch it during the development phase. It gives the best result in the end.

Below we have described our phases shortly.


Here we clarify needs and problems to solve. Requirements and wishes outlined.


A development description is comparable to the architect’s design for a house. This is where the individual parts of the system are described and where we can assess the extent of the solution. Often divided into several phases.


When we agree on the description and scope, you approve the development description and we make a plan for the development together.


Here we start the development with what we call detail sketches. The drawings of the individual screens, workflows drawings and functional descriptions. They form the basis for the actual development, which will start once we agree on detailed sketches. Early in the development phase, you get access to the system so that you can join and test the components continuously. This makes the process much more efficient.


When the development is complete, there will be a separate test phase, where all parts and functions needs to be tested. As you have been a part in the entire process and been testing parts during that, this phase is often a smaller task.


This is the designation for the process that happens when we put the system into operation. We might need to transfer data from old systems and there may be a need to set up connections for integration with other systems.


We develop systems that support your business and processes and you have been involved throughout the development process. Therefore, it is our experience that other colleagues is easily introduced into how the system works. Also because it is logical compared to how they work everyday. But we often find that our clients want us to make a training class for the users. It’s also a good idea to get all colleagues to feel ownership for the system. This will ensure that your company gets the full benefit of the investment.

Ready to learn more?

DataManix is Certified FileMaker Developers and Platinum Partners. Of course we offer an informal meeting with you.