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Are you one of a kind? Is your business as well? The potential for a good and meaningful collaboration is right here then!

At DataManix we know that every company is unique. Which makes it quite difficult and frustrating to adapt to standard software. Therefore, the basic principle here at DataManix is, that it all starts with you.

Our passion is to solve work-related problems. Eliminating waste time and errors. We do this using customized software, developed on the basis of your wishes and needs. With a customized solution, just about anything can be done through dialogue and understanding. Therefore, we consider ourselves not only as suppliers to our customers, but as mutual partners. This is much more engaging.

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Custom software

For more than 25 years, we have developed many different solutions for our partners, across size and industries. Common to all is that they have the desire to be the fastest and greatest, while having more freedom to continue to evolve. This is made possible by the right software that supports the company, keeps track of the work processes and the workflow.

Our starting point is you and your company. Therefore, the collaboration begins with a good talk where we take a thorough look at who you are and how your business looks.

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Claris FileMaker

We mainly develop on the Claris FileMaker platform, due to its strength and flexibility. It is the world’s leading Workplace Innovation Platform and fits perfectly with what we are experts in; to innovate and optimize workflows and processes.

Claris is owned by Apple, has been around for more than 30 years and has generated profits every single quarter since 1998. Which is very unusual in the software world. In other words, it is an extremely stable platform that is built in a way that significantly shortens the development time compared to the norm. This is a great advantage for our partners.

DataManix is a FileMaker Business Alliance Platinum partner, which means we work closely with Claris and thus having a thorough knowledge of FileMaker. Platinum Partners is specifically appointed by Claris among the best partners in the world. We are, of course, certified developers on the FileMaker platform.


Reduction in ineffective tasks


Increased team productivity


Reduction in data entry

Source: State of the Custom App Report 2018: A survey of how businesses are using and benefiting from custom apps.
FileMaker, Inc.

Our partners opinions

Our partners Dansk Sang is an educational music publisher with 40 years of experience. With 10,000 published musical works, hundreds of authors and thousands of relevant contacts, our requirements for an database solution is great. This applies to day-to-day operations with bookkeeping, webshop and communication as well as the digital innovative prhocesses in a time of upheaval, where both analogue and digital publications are distributed and sold in new ways. Intellectual property rights require great insight and knowledge about the industry.
We have worked purposefully to handle all these challenges in a large database system in Filemaker for over five years, in collaboration with DataManix. New solutions to new challenges are being developed every month, and fast and qualified support is provided – all in constructive dialogue. We are very satisfied with the collaboration and enjoy the insight and flexibility that Filemaker and DataManix provide through solution-oriented dialogue – even when things have to go fast.

Søren Bechmann
Responsible editor, The publishing house Dansk Sang

Our partners opinions

“Since the start of the company, we have worked closely with Claus Lavendt and DataManix on the development of a database system that could meet the company’s needs. Our ambitions have been great, and DataManix has without exception been able to fulfill all wishes. A collaboration that started with the development of a simple system for our booking and production department, has developed into a many-year cooperation and DataManix has been a good and not least stable sparring partner in the company’s development.

Today we have a system that connects all the company’s tasks and employees, we avoid a lot of duplication, and have removed many boring tasks, which makes us able to focus on what our work is all about, which is to create good experiences.”

Jonas Jacobsen
Production Manager, Beatbox Booking