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FileMaker #1 in Workplace Innovation Platforms

Last week, the G2 Crowd released their "Spring 2019 Workplace Innovation Platforms Report". The report is based on data from real customers/users, and voted FileMaker as the leading Workplace Innovation Platform. This means that FileMaker is at the very top when...

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DataManix is proud sponsor of Spanish DevCon

October 25-26, the Spanish DevCon is held in Madrid. We are proud sponsors, which we have been since it was first held 3 years ago. At DataManix we believe that it is extremely important to help each other as developers and learn from each other, because without the...

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DM Calendar module

We have developed a completely new calendar module and incorporated smart features like: Year, month, day, multi-day, planning. Ability to send calendar invitations by calendar server. Updating participant status when the people you have invited respond. Ability to...

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Sign your Emails with certificate

It's possible to create an E-mail certificate that signs your mails. If the recipient also has such a signing, you get something that resembles secure mail due to encryption. It's relatively simple:NOTE: This guide is compiled on Mac - Some elements may look different...

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DataManix launches new service; Managed FM Server

Today DataManix launches a new Managed FM Server service, that is designed to help you with managing your FileMaker Server, whether it is FileMaker Cloud, Hosted FileMaker server or your on-premises FileMaker Server. In other words, we take care of your server, so you...

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