Limited only by imagination



The limits of the solutions we can create together are largely non-existent. Below, you will find examples of some of the slightly more untraditional and fun solutions we have developed. We would love to hear from you if you have special wishes too.

FreeCount Manager

With FreeCountManager you get a tailor-made product to read the consumption of liquor bottles in seconds. And there is both time and money to save.

Gesture censor

Dirty hands? We have developed a gesture censor that helps you scroll through the recipe or the like, without greasing the screen – you just wave to communicate with the system.

Green controlling

The green controller ensures that you have cold drinks when needed – but only when needed. There is no reason to strain the climate and the electricity bill more than necessary. Therefore, we have developed a control that switches on and off refrigerators as needed. The controller can also be used to control, for example, light.