We are proud to announce that Claus Lavendt will be a speaker on the Scandinavian FileMaker DevCon again this year.
He will host 2 sessions this year; FileMaker GO 14 Crazy and FileMaker Server 14 in depth
Both sessions will be about the great new enhancements we got in the FileMaker 14 release. In the FileMaker GO 14 Crazy session we will look at all the new features, that are great for FileMaker GO solutions, but will also show some extra stuff, that makes your solutions go CRAZY…..

In the FileMaker Server 14 in Depth session, we go behind the scenes and look under the hood to see what FileMaker Server is, why WebDirect is performing so much better. Security and SSL is topics you will get to know more about as well as a look at the new Standby server feature.

If you want to expand your knowledge in FileMaker, you should definitely attend in this conference with all english speaking sessions.
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