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FileMaker FBA Platinum partner

We are very proud to announce that FileMaker Inc. has appointed DataManix as a FBA Platinum partner. Platinum partners are specially selected by FileMaker Inc., an Apple subsidiary, for exhibiting the highest level of technical expertise and customer service in...

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DataManix launches new website and new blog site

As the year 2015 is close to end, DataManix launches new website in Danish and English language. At the same time, we launches our new blog site with tips&tricks, videos, guides and more. Currently we have collected all previous published posts and more. In the...

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DataManix and Square Moon enters to a partnership

2 of the leading FileMaker companies in Scandinavia has joined forces in a partnership, where we work to allign our development practise. This will allow us to collaborate on projects as well as being able to support each others customers. This partnership will...

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